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SCC Farm Update

It has been a little while but I'm back to give you a end of the summer early fall update on what's happening around the farm.

So, I have finished up making hay for the year. Big thanks to my parents for helping me during this hay time. Only had few break downs and troubles. Bearing going out of the roller, weather, and breaking the window out of the new tractor. Yes, you read it right! Good thing is we got it all finished for the year. I ended up with 343 rolls and approximately 1500 square bales. This should give us plenty of feed this winter. I also stock piled some grass that I hope to graze this winter as long as we don't get any deep snows. 

On to calving, I have had a really good calf crop this year from Aftermath and Outlawed Spice. This is Outlawed Spice first big group of calves. Aftermath is having a group of calves out of some different bloods lines this year as well. I'm very excited to see the calves grow out to see how they mature with horn, body, and color. Our weanling heifers Aftermath gave us last year will have a bull turned in with them in June is the plan (SCC Blackpowder).

I was able to attend two sales this recently the East Coast Classic in Culpeper, VA where I entered 3 beautiful Aftermath heifers in the futurity. Also, I attended the Horn Showcase in Lawton, OK with my good friends from Bluegrass Longhorns. Where I was able to pick up a nice big bodied dark parker brown cow with almost 100" of total horn that is 5 months bred to Tsunami (Excited about that). 

Finally, the longhorn beef. I have been covered up completely with beef orders since March. I can't thank everyone enough that has bared with me through this pandemic. Just to give every some facts about what we have done. We have processed around 17 longhorn steers since the end of March. This has kept me insanely busy, but thank you for my regulars customers as well as the new customers I picked up some along the way. Thank goodness I grew out a few extra steers to anticipate our growth for this year. The beef will still continue through the winter months so continue to get in touch with us or you can also purchase it in our freezer at Four Seasons Produce Market in Marion, VA. 

Thank you to everyone that has supported us! We can't thank you enough. We will continue to work our tails off to provided you with a premium product whether it is longhorn beef or great registered longhorn cattle.  

Billy Stickley
Stickley Cattle Company
Last updated on 10/9/2020

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Longhorn Beef Update

Our longhorn beef in still flying out the door and we can't thank everyone enough for supporting us. Just remember we are scheduled to have FRESH longhorn beef every month. Our processor is making sure we get our animals processed every month. It can be purchased from us directly, Four Seasons Produce Market in Marion, or at the Marion Farmers Market. We are doing our best to keep those place stocked with beef for you to purchase. Don't forget if you don't want to get out Four Season Produce Market has a big delivery route.

 You all have kept us busy working the farm and keeping you in fresh longhorn beef. I LOVE IT! Keep sending us your orders. Also, don't forget we will still be attending all the Marion Farmers Market's .

We are going to continue to stay on track to keep FRESH longhorn beef on hand every month for our customers. Word is continuing to spread about our healthy longhorn beef. So, we are still getting new customers. Thanks again we really appreciate your business!!

Billy Stickley


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