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SCC Farm Update

So, I done exactly what I said I wasn't going to do. Wait few months to give everyone a update at SCC. We have been extremely busy since October. Working farmers markets, marketing events, calving, moving cattle, etc. and the unexpected working days that come with farming. 

 First, thing that has changed we now have a local sourced store Four Seasons Produce Market carrying our longhorn beef. This has been great for us reaching new customers and added convince for some of our regulars to help keep their freezers full. You can place orders here or pick up custom orders as well. We have been approached by several people asking about our store. We do not own the store they are just selling our beef there as well as some other great local sources items.

Outlawed Spice has put his first few calves on the ground and he's doing exactly what we had hoped adding that fancy color. We will continue to watch his progeny for horn growth and all around quality. He is back on a main group of cows for 2020 calves. Aftermath calves have finished hitting the ground for 2019 and I must say this bull is awesome. He has added that frosting, a variety of red colors, and patterns. He is adding size and thick muscle structure to his progeny. He will be on another great group of cows for 2020 calves. What I really can't wait to see is 2020 one of our Aftermath heifers SCC Harper's Hottie is going to have a Outlawed Spice calf. This will be our first progeny from one of our retained heifers.

Our herd is continuing to grow slowly but surely. We added another 30 acre lease close to home which is great because we need the space and convince is always a plus. Our hay is going to be cutting it close but I think will be able to make it without having to buy much if at all this year. That is a huge bonus for us since we are feeding a lot more animals this winter. I hope to increase our hay crop next year because we have plans to continue increase our herd size. 

We attended the Christmas Market this year for the first time in Marion. This will continue to be a regular event for us. It was very successful and we met a lot of new customers. We where in the Marion Christmas parade with our stock trailer decorated and Aftermath was in the spotlight where everyone could see him. Talk about a wow factor. There where several people talking about this for days. I believe that he will be a regular attending the parade and maybe some others just to keep it interesting. 

Thank you to everyone that has supported us! We can't thank you enough. We will continue to work our tails off to provided you with a premium product whether it is longhorn beef or great registered longhorn cattle.  

Billy Stickley
Stickley Cattle Company
Last updated on 12/29/2019

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Longhorn Beef Update

We now have a business in Marion, VA selling our longhorn beef. Four Seasons Produce Market at 1360 N Main St. Marion, VA. Our plan is to keep our freezer at the store full on inventory as possible. You can place orders here as well and pick them up. We want to make shopping with us as easy as possible. As, we are finishing up 2019 we can't thank all of our customers enough. You all have kept us busy working the farm and keeping you in fresh longhorn beef. I LOVE IT! Keep sending us your orders. Also, don't forget we will still be attending all the Marion Farmers Market's .

We are going to continue to stay on track to keep FRESH longhorn beef on hand every 3 weeks for our customers. Word is continuing to spread about our healthy longhorn beef. So, we are still getting new customers. Thanks again we really appreciate your business!!

Billy Stickley


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