SCC Farm Update

The winter thus far has been very wet and hard to get around to feed the cattle. But like always we find ways to make it happen. We picked up a new heifer for our program too! 2bar2 Cristal a beautiful black laced CV Casanova Magnum heifer. She measured 52.50" TTT 2 months before her 2nd birthday. Also, our young bull Outlawed Spice measured 57.50" TTT 2 months before his 2nd birthday. The beef program is still continuing to grow and we couldn't be happier with it. Casey's Diner is starting to use more longhorn beef due to the customer base loving the flavor. With a growing herd we had to purchase some hay to get us through. We had to purchase 48 rolls of hay this year. We got a new pasture to rent as well and have a few others on the radar for our growing longhorn herd. Things are still moving forward and we couldn't be happier. The Cherry Blossom sale in Culpeper, VA is coming up and we have a few heifers that are on our radar for entries! It is always fun entering futurities and letting everyone see your animals. Coming SOON our cows will start calving in about 6 short weeks. The majority of our herd is bred to our beautiful herd sire Aftermath. We are hoping to have a good heifer crop to retain all the heifers this year. Thank you to everyone that has supports us so far along this journey.       

Billy Stickley 2/08/2019
Stickley Cattle Company

Stickley Cattle Company
Billy Stickley
Marion, VA