SCC Farm Update

Heading into mid summer things have been going pretty well for us. This first cutting on hay turned out great and we got it all up without getting wet. We are hoping that we continue to have good weather so that our second cutting does well. This will prevent us from having to buy to hay this winter. We have a good crop of calves coming up out of some of our best cows. All of them are going to be out of Aftermath, which will be our biggest calf crop so far. We have one heifer that is going to calve to our young fancy brindle bull Outlawed Spice. Outlawed Spice will be put back on most of the herd for next year. We have 3 heifers being bred to Aftermath for 2020 season. 2bar2 Cristal which is a CV Casanova Magnum daughter that is just pouring on the horn. Hoping she makes 70"+ ttt by 2.5 years old. We are looking to get her measured for the Horn Showcase Championship in Lawton, OK this year. What a big deal for our small operation having a heifer with enough horn to compete "wow". We are also contemplating taking our young brindle bull to compete in the futurity. His sire Outlawed is a multiple futurity champion and his dam produced Black Kettle which has produced multiple futurity winners. 
Our longhorn beef is continuing to do well. We are still adding new customers and people are still enjoying the great flavor of this unique beef. We are still looking to add grow our beef operation. We have now added longhorn jerky to our inventory which the taste is amazing. We appreciate all of our customers that continue to support us and help our operation grow. Thank You!            

Billy Stickley 7/11/2019
Stickley Cattle Company

Stickley Cattle Company
Billy Stickley
Marion, VA