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SCC Farm Update

Been a little while so I'll catch everyone up on the last few months. We finished up our second cutting on hay which turned out pretty good. We where hoping to get a third cutting to make sure that we didn't have to buy any this year. Third cutting on hay didn't work out because the weather turned off very dry.

Good thing is we got our Horn Showcase animals out of the pastures and penned up to get them in peak condition to show them off at the HSC. They are looking fantastic and are excited to watch them compete. One thing I would like to do is Thank our local co-op Southern States in Marion for the sponsorship and making us a high quality diet for our Longhorns. We are going to post some numbers on how where these Longhorns have grown off this feed diet.

We weighed Outlawed Spice after we got him off the spring cows he was breeding and he weighed in at 1210 pounds on 8/25/2019. We will post his weigh before we take him to the HSC. Also, 2bar2 Cristal is one of the big long frame heifers that is hard to fill out. We got her filled out and looking very nice. She is really pouring on the lateral horn. We attended the East Coast Longhorn Classic in Culpeper, VA. Once again it was a fantastic event. We managed to pick up two new great additions WPR Peanut a very nice brindle heifer that came back home with us after negotiating in the loading dock (Got to love that!). The other addition was a Tejas Star daughter RRR Miss Starie 090 a 75.5" TTT cow with beautiful horn twist that is 5 months bred to Cowboy Catchit Chex. 

How is everything else, decent. Looking like we will have to start feeding hay sooner than expected due to extreme dry conditions. That's farming you just adapt with what you have been given. Some things you just can't control. We are getting ready to finish up calving for the year with two cows to go EL Kool Sara and RespectableSun. The are both going to calve to Aftermath anytime now.     

Billy Stickley
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Last updated on 9/29/2019

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Longhorn beef update

We started attending the local Marion Farmers Market and talk about a success. Huge thank you to everyone that has been coming to see us at the farmers market. We are going to continue to stay on track to keep FRESH longhorn beef on hand every 3 weeks for our customers. Word is continuing to spread about our healthy longhorn beef. So, we are still getting new customers. Thanks again we really appreciate your business!!

Billy Stickley


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