SCC Farm Update

We have finished up the hay for the year and very pleased with the hay crop this year. We are prepared for winter and to possibly add a couple (2 or less) more longhorns from the upcoming sales. We started selling longhorn beef retail and it has been very successful. Everyone loves the taste of our longhorn beef. SCC is the sole beef provider for Four Seasons Catering & Bakery/ Deli in Marion, VA. Also, coming soon in the near future (10/2018) Casey's Diner in Marion, VA will be selling our longhorn beef. This is  huge for our retail beef business! These places are both great places to get some amazing country cooking. Calf weaning is starting to get in full swing for us. I'm very happy with our Aftermath calf crop this year. I'm exposing all our mature cows to Aftermath for 2019 calves. I will be attending the East Coast Longhorn Sale and possibly the Horn Showcase Championship. I'm hosting a satellite horn measurement on September 29th for the Horn Showcase Championship. I look forward to seeing everyone at he sales.  

Billy Stickley 9/13/2018
Stickley Cattle Company

Stickley Cattle Company
Billy Stickley
Marion, VA