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SCC Farm Update


Shewwww.... Where do we start? How about an update on all the things going on with our Longhorns.

The Winter months sure have kept us on our toes this past year.  The crazy weather left us with some calves requiring a lot of extra attention. The weather also caused us to run out of Hay...thankfully we were able to purchase some locally. 

In preparation for hay season, we spent some time prepping our hay fields and putting down fertilizer. This is such a huge task, but it definitely makes a difference.  The first cutting will be here before we know it.  So let's all hope for a great one.

On April 25th, the whole family helped with our annual "vet check" day. Our wonderful vet came out and made sure our whole herd was looking good. The cows were preg-checked, wormed, and vaccinated. This was also the perfect opportunity to get some new horn measurements.  Boy... we are sooo excited about some of our new up and coming longhorns. After all this, we turned them out to some fresh grass for the summer.   

Last, but definitely not least, we cannot forget about our Longhorn Beef.  Our beef program is continually growing and we could not be happier. We are still processing beef every month. Our local Farmers Market will be starting up soon, Saturday, May 7th to be exact. 

Also, we do offer pork as well. This is our new adventure and are excited to see how it grows. 

Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and our day to day farming activities.

Once again, we cant thank you all enough for all the support of our business. We couldn't do it without you all.  

Billy Stickley
Stickley Cattle Company
Last updated on 04/28/2022

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Longhorn Beef Update

I'm still processing fresh longhorn beef every month. Now the Marion Farmers Market is in full swing. I will be there every Saturday 8am-Noon through October. Also, I picked up a new location to purchase my beef in Sugar Grove, VA it is Shirley's Market (EBT Accepted).  

Coming New This Year! I will have a limit supply of grain finished pork available throughout the year. I'm in the process of get my website updated with prices and information about my pork. I purchased some Registered Hereford Hogs for brood stock. After months of research I wanted to bring the highest quality pork to Marion, VA for our customers. My pork is definitely something that you won't be disappointed in trust me. Just like the longhorn beef compared to other beef Hereford pork is any pork!

 You all have kept us busy working the farm and keeping you in fresh longhorn beef. I LOVE IT! Keep sending us your orders. Also, don't forget we will still be attending all the Marion Farmers Market's .

We are going to continue to stay on track to keep FRESH longhorn beef on hand every month for our customers. Word is continuing to spread about our healthy longhorn beef. So, we are still getting new customers. Thanks again we really appreciate your business!!

Billy Stickley


Where To Find Us!

Marion Farmers Market

One Day November Market


Three Day December Market



Second Saturday of the month: 10AM-Noon


Every Saturday: 8AM-Noon